Firearm Training

Illinois, Utah, Florida CCW.

NRA - Basic Pistol, Personal Protection In and Outside the Home, Home Firearm Safety, Range Safety Officer and more.

Survival Basics

 NRA, Illinois, Utah and Florida - Certified Instructors,

 Rockford Illinois


Steve: 25 years USMCR, ret. - Illinois CCL : Utah CCW : NRA Basic Pistol, Home Firearm Safety & Personal Protection in the Home, Range Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer, (PPOTH) Spartan Tactical Alumni  INSURED

Joe: 10+years IDPA- Illinois CCL : Florida CCW : NRA -RSO/CRSO, IDPA RSO : NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, Personal Protection in the Home: Personal Protection Outside the Home: NRA Metallic cartridge & Shotgun shell reloading.    INSURED

Erik: 20+ years Law Enforcement Officer- Ill CCL : NRA Pistol First Steps, Basic Pistol : Spartan Tactical Alumni.

Make sure your instructors can provide documentation of their credentials and training curriculum. Ask to see these documents. If they can't, then go somewhere else.

Illinois has not approved a 4 nor a 12 hour Illinois Conceal Carry Course at this time. Unless to want to risk your time and money, research who you are getting your training from before your pay.

Verify the curriculum.




ILLINOIS CCW 8 Hour                                                                                       ILLINOIS CCW 16 Hour

 ISP Approved curriculum list

UTAH CCW                                                                                                        FLORIDA CCW

NRA Courses

Pistol  First Steps                                                                                              Basic Pistol

-NRA Basic Pistol Course - 8 Credit Hours towards the Ill CCW

Home Firearm Safety                                                                                        Personal Protection Inside The Home

Personal Protection Outside The Home                                                         Range Safety Officer

Chief Range Safety Officer

Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

Pistol                                                  Defensive Pistol I                                  Defensive Pistol II

-Classes are generally in Rockford Illinois; However we are mobile and willing to travel to you. We have ranges and classroom space available or we can set up at your home or business. Setting up a range at your location however, requires a visit and the environment has to meet our criteria.  If you put together a class of five, 1/2 off your fee. Ten or more, you are free. Please contact for further information

         Please call or email for reservation, and for the classes that you are interested in. Classes get scheduled once we have enough people registered.

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